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Edition #87
Dirty Blow Job

Dirty Blow Job

In white nylons and miniskirt he found me very attractive. He got horny quickly, what was actually my plan, and started to play with me. He called me dirty names like dirty bitch and nasty slut and after a little strip he wanted me to suck his cock. I did it and took his shaft totally deep into my mouth, just like he loves it...

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Edition #86
Christina Dog Bitch

Christina Dog Bitch

My Master trained me like a cat pet. I had to wear cat women suit for him and fulfill all his orders obedient. I sucked his cock willingly, and was ready to take his cock in any of my hole. But he first put clamps on my pussy lips and nipples and hung heavy heels on them

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Edition #85
Catwoman Christina

Catwoman Christina

My Master trained me like a cat pet. I had to wear cat women suit for him and fulfill all his orders obedient. I sucked his cock willingly, and was ready to take his cock in any of my hole. But he first put clamps on my pussy lips and nipples and hung heavy heels on them

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Edition #84

Sub Christina Takes It All

He taught me to ass to mouth skills. As he wasn't satisfied with my obedience he tied my tits with a cable tie, put condoms on them & spanked me hardly. After that, my willingness became much better & he used my ass & mouth repeatedly. In the end of the lesson he wanked his cock over my face & cummed hardly directly into my eyes.

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Edition #83

Sub Christina Bound & Gagged

It was again time to slave training. My master, played with my boobs roughly using rope, clamps & his switch, fucked all my holes & brought me to several orgasms. He used me & came in my mouth through a special ring gag & finally pissed in as well...

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Edition #82

Sub Christina DP'd

My master would like once again to see me being used by another guy. So he invited his friend with an extra huge dick & told me to give all my holes free for using. I did it obediently & they both fucked my mouth, asshole & pussy. I experienced 9 orgasms during that night & was fully satisfied...

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Edition #81

Sub Christina Gift Wrapped

My master wrapped me in packing foil & fucked all my holes. In breaks between fucking he spanked me & put clips on my tits. He drove me to two orgasms & loaded his cum on my face.

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Edition #80

Sub Christina's Anal Fisitng

In front of the webcam is always hot. My fans want to see me in various positions using various toys. The most frequent toy is use is my inflatable anal plug. I have experienced many orgasms with it.

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Edition #79

Sub Christina's Sucking & Puffing

My Master wanted to see me in a sexy outfit with nylons. So I decided for a pink & black combination with a tight shirt, so that my boobs were exposed. Then I did a little strip show for him & provoked him while smoking cigarette. He became very horny, so I sucked his cock while continuing smoking.

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Edition #78

Take A Ride With Sub Christina

I had piss so we made a short break during our car trip. Of course he used that & fucked me in different positions & as a reward gave me a huge cum load on my face.

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Edition #77

Sub Christina Champagne & Deepthroat

I was a bad girl this day so my hubby decided to give me punishment. First he blinded my eyes & fucked my face hard .. Then i kneeled down & & wait ..

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Edition #76

Sub Christina & Her Pussy Full Of Dildo's

My master had decided to train my pussy with different dildos. The training began with a small dildo, continued with a bigger one. After a smoke, the training of my pussy continued with a black giant dildo. Then a long double dildo came to the scene & even Thai beads were used. With each dildo I got at least one orgasm & at the end of our dildo game my face was totally covered with my master's cum.

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Edition #75

Sub Christina's Bamboo Punishment

He made a bamboo construction & fixed me to it with a rope so that I lied there with my legs & h&s spread. Then he spanked me & forced several orgasms using dildos & massagers.

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Edition #74

Sub Christina Black Stockings & Suspenders

My Master wanted me to see in sexy black outfit. So I dressed black nylons, black heels & black panties & stripped in front of him. Then he ordered me to lie down on the floor with my legs & h& widespread...

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Edition #73

Lesson By Wooden Pole

My Master bound me to a wooden pole & gave a lesson. He spanked me, forced to orgasms & fucked my throat. After that he brought me to toilette & pissed me on.

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Edition #72

Car Show & Lever In My Pussy

During our break I posed for my Master in front of the car & did a piss show for him. Then He wanted me to ride the gear lever so I inserted it into my pussy & rode it until my orgasm.

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Edition #71

Nylon slut Pt2

We continued with our hot nylon sex game. I was fully covered in nylon & serve my master as his sex-doll. I sucked his dick, licked his balls through the pantyhose on my head & jerked his shaft off with my nylon h&s.He used also my boobs as their were holding pretty together pressed in nylon. Than he fucked me in missionary without to undressing the nylons from my legs. After that I gave him nylon h&job & footjob & he finally cummed on my nylon covered body.

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Edition #70

Groupe Sex in hotel

Those are first images from my group sex adventure. I met one from my members in the hotel room. He & my Master fucked hard all my holes. I was fucked four hours without any break. I came maybe twenty times & next day I must stay in the bed to recover from this hard group fuck. But now I'm begging my Master to arrange a repetition. & I hope there will be even more dicks on the scene then last time ..

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Edition #69

Bizarre toys

I never know what else will he use to fulfill his dirty fantasies. This time he pumped my pussy & boobs & then take a condom filled with table tenis balls . I was going to by mad from excitement

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Edition #68

Slave Exam

In this photoset you can see a part of my slave exam. I wanted to become a slave of a master so I had to pass slave proof first. My master gave me various orders & I fulfilled them all obedient. Then he tried also my holes to proof if Im good in sex as well. I passed my exam well so now I can serve him for the rest of my life.

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Edition #67

Chair domination

My Master bound me to a chair using a colored belt. Then he forced me to orgasm fucking my ass with dildo while irritating my clit with Wanachi massager. Then he changed my position so that he could easily use my mouth for deepthroat. He fucked my throat hardly & finally cummed all over my face...

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Edition #66

Two in mouth

I like sucking cocks & am quite good in that. This time I had two cocks ready for using. I played with them sucked them, jerked them off & took them both at once in my mouth. It was great feeling to see how they both became horny after my excellent blowjob service.

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Edition #65

Submissive Slave

It was darkness in this bitchbox & I was feeling really like a bitch .. I was quiet & waiting for fucking .. I was ready to by fucked by everything & everybody

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Edition #64

High Boots Hardcore

My master would like to fuck me wearing the high boots. He fucked hard my throat, my ass & my tits. He also spanked my ass & pussy with his switches. I licked his ass & balls while he inserted vibrating balls into my pussy. Then he brought me to the huge anal orgasm. Then I jerked off his cock until he shoot cum on my boots.

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Edition #63

Boobs Training

My master spanked my ass & boobs, gagged me & tied my boobs with a rope. I was ready for the lesson he prepared for me & was curious what would come as next First he wanted to see my boobs humping up & down. So he ordered me to jump over the rope. My boobs were flying like crazy & it made me horny to be an object of my Masters dirty fantasy. After that he used switch, hot wax & clamps to irritate my boobs & I felt pain & excitement at the same time Then he put the bizarre ring into my mouth & fucked my throat deep & hard. Finally he cummed directly into the ring & I had no other choice but to swallow the sperm.

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Edition #62

Used & Abused

I had my mouth full & my moans was damped .. I was squirting five times while fucked vaginaly & analy .. Then I could feel hot cum on my face . I love this feeling

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Edition #61

Nylon Game

We got this hot idea from our member. As we liked it very much we decided to realize it. My master dressed me in pantyhose so that whole my body inclusive my head was covered in nylon. I posed for him & then I sucked his dick through the nylon. The feeling of nylon on my naked skin made me horny & my pussy became totally wet He told me to play with his cock with my nylon feet so I did it & could feel how his cock became hard between my soles.

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Edition #60

Bizzare Toilet Game

The toilette lesson continued with rough deepthroat & anal fuck. My master even fixed plungers on my tits & ordered me to ride his cock while he was sitting on the bowl. He repeated the head-pushing-into-bowl-&-flushing action & then cummed right into my eyes.

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Edition #59

Sub Christina's Threesome

My master invited his friend with extra big cock for sex party. They both fucked all my holes in various positions. I enjoyed the threesome very much & came maybe twenty times in that evening.

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Edition #58

Secretary Blowjob

My boss caught me watching porn during my working time. He promised me not to fire but I had to show him my boobs & play with my pussy in front of him. Then I had to give him oral service & let him cum on my face. I was glad to keep my job so I did it obedient. It happened that also camera was there so you can watch a video from that as well.

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Edition #57

Living Footstool

During my slave exam I had to bring my master cold beer. I failed so I had to fuck myself with the beer bottle & then do a living footstool for him. He put his legs on me while drinking beer & jerking his cock off.

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Edition #56

Cottage Threesome

My dreams got true. My Master managed cottage party & I must serve both my Master & his friend. I was fucked on all possible ways in all holes & I realised maybe one hundert orgasms during this weekend. Not only dicks were used for hard fuck in that wild night but also foot & bottle I think nobody from us will ever forget this weekend. Fortunately we have two videocameras & you can see much more on my videos.

86 images

Edition #55

Porn, Deepthroat & Fucking

This is what I realy love . The rough sex with toys in all my holes.. I love to be used. My body was made for using, my holes was made to by fucked.

67 images

Edition #54

Bottle & double fuck

All my holes was trained... "Every bitch must by ready to by fucked in all holes" say my master. & he realy fucked me... With his dick, with big toy, with my h&, with bottle.

66 images

Edition #53

Slave & Master

Our game went on. After I licked his asshole & sucked his dick deeply, he bound with first aid b&age spanked me & fucked my but roughly. He used my helpless & enjoyed boobsfuck, deepthroated me & cummed all over my face.

54 images

Edition #52

Bondage Training

My Mater built a bamboo construction & I knew that this lesson was going to be hard. He started with rough deepthroat & then he bound me to the construction so that my legs were wide spread. After that he alternately spanked me & forced me to orgasms. Then he changed my position & roped me so that he could play with my boobs. He put clips on my boobs & spanked them out with his switch. After that I had to lie down on the carpet & to fulfill all his orders. He used me in various ways & cummed all over my face.

66 images

Edition #51

Doing My Orders

We played an exciting game with my master, I had to dress sexy outfit with nylons & heels & do all orders he was giving me. I did it obedient like his submissive slut while he was lying on the bed.

77 images

Edition #50

Christina's Toilet Sex

I was cleaning the toilette bowl when my Master came. He wasn't satisfied with my work so he decided to give me a lesson. He spanked me & irritated my nipples with toilette brush, fucked me throat & pushed my head into the bowl while flushing water.

63 images

Edition #49

Black Tape

My Master ordered me to lie down on the floor. He played with my boobs & pussy with his foot. Then he fixed my h&s & legs to the floor using black tape. I was fully helpless & in h&s of my Master. He fixed a massager to a wooden chunk & attached it to my clit. The vibrations of the massager drove me almost mad & when he started to spank my boobs & belly & legs I was near to orgasm

86 images

Edition #48

Like a mare

First he rode me like a mare in the horse race. He fucked me from behind slapped my ass, pulled my hair roughly & even put a stick in my mouth. Then he bound my legs to my neck & used my asshole till I came. After that he gave me sweet reward: he cummed all over my face.

68 images

Edition #47

Bathroom Perverse Game

We played a perverse game in bad tube. My Master fucked all my holes & brought me to several orgasms. He inserted various things like champagne bottle or toothbrush into my ass & also used shower to irritate my clit.

53 images

Edition #46

Christina The Cleaning Slut

My Master always trained me to be an obedient & submissive slut. This time he decided to teach me how to clean our house properly. I had to do my work naked & in short breaks he allowed me I had to suck his cock& to give him my pussy free for using. He motivated me to better work with his switch & brought my to three orgasms fucking me roughly & inserting the dildo fixed to the broom into my cunt. When I thought my work was done, he pissed on the floor, or asked me to piss & to clean the mess up. Finally he was satisfied & as a reward for good job I received cum load on my face.

99 images

Edition #45

Tape & Rope Game

My Master likes playing with adhesive tape & rope. This time he bound my legs & h&s together & told me to jerk his cock off. Then he stuck my wrists & fingers to my ass to get better access to my holes. After that he put the tape on my eyes & cummed on my face.

55 images

Edition #44

Naughty Home Slut

My Master told me I should style myself like a slut. He wished to see me wearing stockings, heels & mini skirt. I took a red wig & did a little dildo show for him. He fucked me then roughly on the chair & from behind. I had to suck champagne bottles of different sizes to improve my blowjob skills. Then he drilled me like a cheap bitch on the toilette & cummed all over my face.

64 images

Edition #43

Fishnet & Big Dildo

He fixed the big black dildo to a stick & told me to ride it whilehe was fucking my face. He changed the position more times so I experiencedhis cock & the dildo in my mouth & my pussy variably. He even stretched my mouth, inserting the dildo & his cock at once inside. Then finally hecummed over my face as usually.

69 images

Edition #42

Game In The Whirpool

It was New Years Eve & I was waiting for my hubby in the whirlpool. I drunk a little champagne & posed for him when he had come & want to make few shots. Then I gave him head. Then I must to lick & suck his feet to show him how obedient I am. This was really the best foreplay before we met our friends. My hubby invited them for New Years Eve celebration. It shouldn't be only normal dance-&-drink celebration. We planned to welcome New Year with hot group sex..

55 images

Edition #41

Red Fishnets & Horny

The red fishnet made him horny, so he bound my h&s, blindfolded me& fixed my legs with silver tape. Then he spanked me, fucked my faceroughly & drove me almost mad with the massager fixed to my clit. Afterthat he painted my ass to red & gave me another deepthroat lection.

63 images

Edition #40

Outdoor Group

It was hot sunny day made for hot sexual games. My Master gave aring to his friend & we went to lonely place 10 minutes far from the city.They both fucked me hardly using all my holes & boobs as well. Even thebig dildo they used to don't leave any of my holes empty. So I was sucking & fucking to give them both the best fucking service & they rewarded me cumming all over my face.

75 images

Edition #39

Suspenders, Heels & Cumshot

My Master wanted me to see in suspender & heels. So I dressed the black one & showed myself. Master licked my nipples & when I saw the knob in his trousers I knew that this is only start of our game.
After my little strip show I had to knee down & suck Master's dick. I want to give him a perfect blowjob service so I took it as deep as possible. Thought he was satisfied. Then I offered my asshole for fuck showing my readiness for everything. He used my offer & fucked me roughly.
After rough ass fuck he fixed some kind of gag into my mouth using adhesive tape. I couldn't close my mouth so he had the best access to my throat. He fucked my face deeply & my saliva trickled down on my tits. As a little reward for my obedience I was allowed to come using the massager.. Then he ordered me to lie down on the desk. He tied me with rope & fixed my head to legs so that he could use my mouth easily if he wanted. After that I must bend over the desk & wait till my Master come over my face.

60 images

Edition #38

Use Me Hard

It was hot summer day. He took me to a cottage & told me to show my boobs & ass. So I did a little strip show with the chair for him. Then I had to serve my master with open mouth holding my h&s back on my neck. After that he ordered me to expose my boobs on the chair back & spanked the roughly. He continued with hair & boobs bondage & finished cumming on my face.

100 images

Edition #37

Feet & Smoke Fetish

Look how I can satisfy my Master using my feet, h&s & mouth. & also how I can smoke the cigarette & his cigar at the same time.

65 images

Edition #36

Slut In Red

He wanted to see me like a slut in red, so I took red nylons, red blouse & red panties. I showed him my boobs & played with big black dildo. Then I jerked his dick off & sucked it & licked his balls. After that he fucked my throat roughly in different positions.

80 images

Edition #35

Bondage, Bottles & Spanking

My Master loves to see me in nice bra & stockings. I had an orange surprise for him this night. He got turned on & I continued with my little show. I saw that he liked it & I knew that the night wasn't going to finish soon... First we drank the champagne out & then I showed the different way you can use the champagne bottle.
Fortunately my hubby has a camera so you can also enjoy the view of me masturbating with the bottle. Seeing that my Master was ready to fuck me so he started with my mouth & then switched to ass. Then he fixed me to chair & I must waiting for punishment. He fucked my face & spanked my ass so that it became red.
After hard spanking & some additional activities I watched myself in the mirror & admired the red lines on my ass caused by Master's switch. I felt strange kind of excitement seeing tracks of the punishment on my body... As a reward I was allowed to bring myself to orgasm & then my Master gave me a face pack cumming over my face.

75 images

Edition #34

Bike Ride Blowjob

We went on the bike trip with my Master. It was hot sunny day & I felt it would not be only about cycling. My Master went to lonely path & ordered me to take my boobs off. Then I had to give him head. He fucked my face roughly & during short break he ordered me to bike round naked. He turned on watching me & then continued to fuck my face & boobs till finally cummed all over my face.

51 images

Edition #33

Double The Pleasure

I love group sex & my Master loves sharing me with another men. This time he brought a guy with really big dick so I started to give him ablowjob & then enjoyed both dicks in all my holes. They both fucked me roughly & I came maybe twenty times. After four hoursintensive fucking I give them a perfect oral service so they shot their hotcum all over my face.

52 images

Edition #32

Car Bondage II

My Master played kidnapping game with me. He roped me, put me into boot & drove to lonely place several mile from the city Then he stuck my boobs together fucked them whole I was dildoing myself with big black dildo. After that he used my asshole & even fucked both my holes at once & forced me to several orgasms133 Then, finally he cummed all over my face & the kidnapping lesson was over.

56 images

Edition #31

Gag & Switch

Do you like my dress?? No bra, no panites, just lots of naughtness... Lots of leg rubbing, ass rubbing & titty playing for you to enjoy? blowjob, masturbation & much more. Come & get me!

104 images

Edition #30

BDSM Games

My Master fixed my h&s & nipples to bamboo construction. Then he spanked my boobs, pussy & ass. After that I was ready to fulfill all his perverse wishes. First he asked me to deepthroat using rope to fix my head on his cock. The he roped me again, brought me to several orgasms fucking me anally & finally shot his cum all over my face...

120 images

Edition #29


My Master found the tree house during our trip. He immediately got the crazy idea to use it for little fuck lesson. He told me to climb up the ladder & to show him my boobs & pussy from above. After a while he got a storm in his trousers & climbed up to me. I serve him with all my holes & boobs. He brought me to several orgasms & even used dildo to fuck my both holes at once. & in the end of our tree house adventure he shot his cum all over my face. I think it wasn't the last time we visited this place133

101 images

Edition #28

Car Bondage II

My Master played kidnapping game with me. He roped me, put me into boot & drove to lonely place several mile from the city; Then he spanked me & asked me to give him hanjdjob, blowjob & footjob & told me to fuck myself with enormous black dildo

100 images

Edition #27

In front of mirror

I had to wear sexy lingerie & high boots. After little strip show in front of mirror, he told me to give him blowjob. I sucked his shaft obedient & gave him two strings from my corset on his cock to keep it hard. I fixed it firmly & sit down on him. I rode his cock up & down while he was watching the hot view in the mirror.

84 images

Edition #26


My Master tied my h&s with a rope & ordered me to stay there completely exposed. Then he bound my boobs firmly & spanked them by h&s. After that he brought a piece of wooden chunk & asked me to sit down on the dildo he had put on the chunk. Then he asked me to show him my boobs outside on the freezing air. Then he brought me inside to a hot fireplace & told me to serve him with my opened mouth. Then he fucked me from behind roughly & brought me to several orgasms.

76 images

Edition #25

Fingers bondage & Deepthroat

My Master tied my fingers with white string so that my flat h&s were closed together. First he told me to give him head. He inserted his cock as deep as possible into my throat. He slapped me, pulled my hair & pressed my head on his cock & told me to lick his balls. I did it obedient as always. After Deepthroat & balls licking he entered his shaft between my tied h&s & ordered me to jerk him off. I did my best to give him good h&job & sucked his cock at the same time. His dick was sliding between my h&s while I was licking its head.

63 images

Edition #24

Slut For Using

I had to dress myself like a slut. I took black nylons & sexy boots with heels. My Master bound my h&s & told me to suck his cock & lick his ass. Then he fucked me from behind using both my holes & brought me to several orgasms.

93 images

Edition #23

Jeans & Deepthroat

I was wearing jeans miniskirt & jeans vest without bra. My Master got horny seeing me & told me to give him blowjob. Then he used all my holes roughly. He ordered me to fuck myself with big dildo while fucking my ass & mouth hole. I got several orgasms & then he finally cummed on my face while I was holding the dildo in my mouth.

99 images

Edition #22


First I had to serve him with my mouth. Then my Master gave me a wooden clamp on my feet so that I had to stay there with spread legs. He had good access to my pussy. He spanked it first & then inserted inflatable dildo in & inflated it to keep it inside. Then he spanked my ass & brought me to several orgasm using dildo & massager stick.

73 images

Edition #21

Black Glove

He took black gloves & ordered me to blindfold myself. He played with my boobs, squeezed them, pulled my nipples, fingered my both holes, slapped my ass & face, inserted a scarf with knots in my cunt & then put it in my mouth. Then he brought me to orgasm irritating my clit & finally cummed all over my face.

66 images

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