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You see me everyday at the grocery store, the mall, or running around town like all busy Moms. You might also see me on the tennis court, at a concert, the beach, or on a hiking trail but you might not even look at me twice. Most people who see me think of me as a boring librarian. Little do they know that I have an extremely wild side.

Usually I dress conservatively and I don't attract stares. But underneath my clothes, I love the contrast of wearing sexy lingerie-I always wear thongs and like the way it frees me to move.
I delight in going out without any panties and flashing, maybe even letting my husband toy with me under a table or giving a little show when I bend over at a pool table.

I love wearing crotchless fishnet pantyhose and sitting on a barstool with my legs spread just so-I get a thrill watching the people sitting at the tables who are obviously trying to get a peek up my skirt.

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