Edition #39

Pure In White !!

Hi FolksIt's been said I look so pure in white !!But you know better - I'm just a slut underneath - and here I am playing with my hugs rabbitt on my black sofa !!Come into my site and see me burying into my wet slit!!

Kisses Ruby xx

87 images

Edition #38

Bunny Girl Pole And Vibrator

Hi FolksI love my pole and my pole dancing evening - I do it for fun at a local club and have to practice at home.Hope you like my bunny girl outfit- Iand my short skirt and 6 inch heel highs. lolI couldn't wait to spread my legs and shove the white vibrator deep into my wet pierced cunt!!

KissesRuby xxx

83 images

Edition #37

Ruby's Pink Slut Dress

Hi Folks God do I look a real tart when I wear this little pink number out and I do belive me usually as today with no panties on underneath !!! I am a total slut lol

Come into my site at - www.thewivesclub.com and see me deep fingering myself on my bedroom floor.

Kisses Ruby xxxx

95 images

Edition #36

Ruby In Black

Hi Folks, I'm in my black see thro bra and frilly black panties today and have my purple vibrator out to play !!Come into my site at www.thewivesclub.com and see me pop out my boobs and stroke them before stripping off and getting on my bed to give myself a really good seeing to with my plastic friend!!!

KissesRuby xxx

89 images

Edition #35

Pink Settee Finger Fuck

I love my pink settee !!- and I hope you enjoy the fun I get up to on it lolI'm toplees and wearing skimpy knickers which I prise aside to give myself and great finger fuck !! - Wish I had the real thing though!!

Come join my fun at my site at:-www.thewivesclub.com

KissesRuby xxx

74 images

Edition #34

My Pole Dancing Fun

I'm a really outgoing girl and do a little Pole Dancing, at a local club for fun and the thrill it gives me whe the guys ask me to dance !!I like to practice so have installed a pole in my front room lolCome and join my site and see me in my sexy revealing black dress which soon comes off as I run thro my routine. I got sooo turned on that soon I'm rubbing my pierced clit against the pole. What a slut I am lol !!

KissesRuby xxxx

70 images

Edition #33

Sexy in White

Hi FolksI've just bought a beautiful sexy white matching pair of bra and panties - hope you like what you see.I love stripping off and stroking my breasts for you - they are lovely don't you think - very sensitive lolMy purple vibrator gets a run out today - but you'll have to join my website at :-www.thewivesclub.com to see the hardcore pics.

KissesRuby xxx

83 images

Edition #32

Pink Fluffy Ruby !!

Hi FolksMy favourite colour is PINK !! - I brought a Fluffy bra and hot pants set a few weeks ago, for a bit of a giggle !!I look so sweet and innocent in it - but don't be fooled - join me at my site at:-www.thewivesclub.com and see me strip off and squat over my massive pink dildo - ramming it up my wet slit. It's a great position for the thigh muscles !!Very soon I'm spread - eagled on the hallway floor !! Watch out for the video clip that is on the way for My Members.

KissesRuby xx

77 images

Edition #31

Heaven In My Red & Black Basque

I'm in heaven as I peel off my red spilt dress and pull my panties over my 6 inch heeled silver slut shoes, to expose my cunt !!Then it's out with my huge vibrator to fuck myself silly - god I get very wet. Join my site at:-www.thewivesclub.com and see the video clip that goes with these pics !!

KissesRuby xx

90 images

Edition #30

Ruby In Demin On The Study Floor

I really am a tart - and I love dressing like one - today I'm all in demin getting down and dirty on my study floor.Come join my site at:-www.thewivesclub.com and see me spreading my legs and fucking my cunt for My Members.

KissesRuby xx

86 images

Edition #29

Stripping & Rabbit Fun !

Hi Folks I love this party dress - it is so tight and shows offmy fantastic boobs and arse lolI have to strip for the cameraman and soon I'm down to my stockings and heel highs, thrusting my trusty rabbit deep into my wet receptive cunt!!Watch out for the video clip "Ruby on the bedroom Floor with Rabbit" in My Members Area !!

HugsRuby xx

59 images

Edition #28
Ruby's Rampent Rabbit

Hi FolksGod was this set of pics and horny video clip fun!!!I start off in my long front buttoned dress with sexy blue underwear and stockings on. Then it's onto the bed as I slip aside my panties and thrust my lovely rabiit deep into my cunt - join my site at the wives club and see the pics and video clip.

Kisses Ruby xxx

82 images
Edition #27
Finger Fun Ruby

Hi Folks I love my tight jeans and I felt sooo sexy knowing that I had my black underwear on too and that I was ready to strip for the cameraman!! Very soon I'm naked and down on my bedroom floor giving myself a great finger fuck !! I love doing these pics and videos for My Members xxxxx

86 images
Edition #26

Bi Girl Fun On My Sofa

Hi Folks. This is a lovely upload for those of you that enjoy real Bi Girl Fun!!I invited my girlfriend Summer rond for a drink and one thing led to another and very soon we were enjoying each other on my sofa.Join my site at the wives club and see us kissing licking and finger fucking each other - My purple vibrator came in useful too !! lol.

Kisses Ruby xx

119 images

Edition #25

My Lovely White See Thro Fishnet Top!!

Hi Folks. I love my sexy see thro white fishnet top - I have been known to wear it out without a bra on - and that certainly turns heads !!!I've my little white panties on with my white slut shoes. Come on into my site at www.thewivesclub.com and see a horny bitch finger fuck herself to a hugs climax lol

Kisses Ruby xx

82 images

Edition #24

My High Heel Boots

Hi Folks I hoipe you all had a great Bank Holiday weekend - I did lol !!Here I am dressed only in my short slutty skirt and sexy black high heel boots.I'm soon spreading myself on the floor and finger fucking my cunt - I get so wet - Thanks to all my Members for your e-mails - hope you enjoy the hardcore pics!!

Kisses Ruby xx

59 images

Edition #23

Ruby On The Kitchen Floor

Hi Folks This pics and the sexy video clip are really horny - I'm in my kitchen in pink - my favourite colour !! lol and soon I'm stripped and down to action - out come my fantastic boobs to stroke and then my fingers disappear up and cunt for a hard finger fuck !!

Hugs Ruby xx x

71 images

Edition #22

Sexy Blue outfit & Purple Vibrator

Hi Folks I love my new sexy blue Bra and Knickers - putting them on makes me feel so horny!So out came my lovely Purple Vibrator - which slides so nicely deep up into my wet cunt !!

Hugs Ruby xxxxx

99 images

Edition #21

Ruby In The Hallway

Hi Folks Today I'm getting down and dirty in my hallway - come into My site and see me strip off my white top and flowing dress and get down on the carpet to finger fuck !!There is a great video clip too on my site at the wives club.

Kisses, Ruby xx

76 images

Edition #20

Sexy Bunny Girl

Hi Folks I thought I'd give you all a giggle with my sexy Pink Bunny ears !!I would love to be a bunny girl and love pole dancing too. Come into my site at - the wives club and see me on my bed giving myself some 2 vibrator fun - yes two sexy plastic toys !!

Kisses, Ruby xx

81 images

Edition #19

Taking My Rabbit Standing Up!!

Hi Folks I'm loving my time on the wives club - and today if you join my site you can see me taking my rabbit standing up - lol !!I'm dressed like the slut I am and soon have my gorgeous boobs out to play with - would you like to suck on them - I love looking like a slut and the short jean skirt and boots does the trick - don't miss out see the huge toy deep inside my pierced cunt!!

Kisses, Ruby xxx

81 images

Edition #18

Ruby's Bathroom Vibrator Fun!

Hi Folks I love sex - but when you are alone a girl has to releive herself so here I am in my bathroom - dressed in my white top and knickers with my sexy boots on and my trusty vibrator to hand!! The close up pics are hot and horny !!

Kisses, Ruby xxx

95 images

Edition #17

Ruby In PVC

Hi Folks I have sooo many hot and horny outfits, that I've bought for my swinging fun. This outfit is PVC and I love the top and hot pants!! Come into my site and see me strip and get on my bed and use my rabbit !!

Kisses, Ruby xxx

86 images

Edition #16

Ruby In White & White Vib

Hi Folks This is my 1st set of pics with a video clip too ( but there are many more to come ).I'm all in white with my white vibrator - playing around in my bedroom, come into my site andsee the pics of my spread legged action and the horny video clip of me shoving the vibrator right up my cunt!!

Hugs, Ruby xxx

79 images

Edition #15

Leather Skirt Fun

Hi Folks. I'm in my lounge, dressed in my favourite letather skirt, ready to enjoy myself with My Members !!Come on in and see me spreading my legs and pulling my cunt lips apart so you can see my pierced clit - wouldn't you like to chew on it !!

Kisses, Ruby xx

84 images

Edition #14

Ruby's Pussy Play

Hi Folks I'm in my lounge dressed in black with my lovely black bra and panties on underneath with my thigh high black boots.Comeinto my site and see me on the floor giving myself some great pussy play - I love spreading my legs for the camera!!I'm your slut if you want me lol

Hugs - Ruby xx

75 images

Edition #13

My Pink Cowboy Hat And Boots!!

Hi Folks. It's the middle of the Summer and very hot - so all I'm wearing is my pink cowboy hat and pink cowboy boots.So no clothes to take off and straight down to playing with myself.Come into my site at the wives club and see me squatting down on the floorthere are great pics of my close up finger play and you can see everything when I stretch my clit for you !!

Kisses - Ruby xx

67 images

Edition #12

Ruby's Bath Time Fun!!

Hi Folks. I realy am a nughty little minx !! Here I am in my bath wearing my comando style bra and panties, which soon have to come off so i can finger myself for My Members. If you'd like to see more of my fun join me!

Kisses - Ruby xx

77 images

Edition #11

Ruby's Afternoon Of Dildo Fun

I had a lazy free afternoon recently so i quickly stripped off my top and pink jeans to me myself a thorough seeing too with my purple vibrator.I love shoving it up my pierced wet cunt, cum into my site to see the hard core fun!!

Hugs, Ruby xxx

77 images

Edition #10

Ruby In Pink With Large Pink Dildo

Hi Folks Pink is my favourite colour and today I'm wearing my fluffy pink top with my short black slut dress and stockings and high heels!I have my huge pink dildo to play with and if you join my site at :-www.thewivesclub.com you get to see all the hardcore Members pics!!Come and join me and see me bury the huge pink toy up my wet cunt!!I'm a total sex slut - what would you like to do with me?

Hugs, Ruby xxx

92 images

Edition #09

Ruby In Denim In The Kitchen

Hi Folks. Here I am in my denim top and short skirt in the kitchen - playing on one of my kitchen chairs!I have my lovely blue bra and knickers on and my purple vibrator!!Come in to my site at - www.thewivesclub.com and see the horny hardcore pics of me stuffing myself with my plastic toy - I love it!!

Hugs, Ruby xxx

86 images

Edition #08

Ruby In Black Leather

Hi Folks Today I'm in my black leather jacket with only my black knickers and leather high heel boots on!!I'm in my living room and strip off on the sofa to play with mu large plastic toy - which always hits the spot.Come on into my site at - www.thewivesclub.com and see the hardcore fun!!

Hugs, Ruby xxx

81 images

Edition #07

Ruby & Summer - Bi Girl Fun

I prommised you horny girl / girl pics and here are some from when my girlfriend Summer came to visit me. We get on the bed in our bra and knickers and quickly strip each other off so we can kiss and cuddle. I love the feel of another women playing with my boobs and Summer is great at clit licking - she was so wet and ready for me too. Isn't 69 bi girl fun the tops!!Come on into my site at the wives club and join the fun.

Hugs, Ruby xxx

101 images

Edition #06

My Silver Slut Boots

Today I'm on my hall landing dressed in my silver slut boots and matching top and a black short skirt. I love to strip off and finger myself and you can see all the leg spread pics in my site at the wives club. Would you like to chew on my pierced clit ?? Let me know.

Kisses, Ruby xxx

71 images

Edition #05

Back From The Gym

Hi Folks
I've just got back from the Gym - I work out most days - and love it !!I was feling soooooo horny that I had to strip off and give myself some serious finger play lol. Pity I didn't have the real thing.

Take care,Ruby xxxxx

69 images

Edition #04

Stairway To Heaven

Hi Folks,

I'm in my flashing coat today - it's knee length and I naked underneath - come into my site at the wives club to see all the hard core pics. I love playing on the stairs and spreading myself for you!! See me playing with my pierced cunt - and stretching my cunt lips by pulling hard on my clit ring!!

Kisses Ruby xx

84 images

Edition #03

Ruby Playful In White

Hi Folks,

I'm all in white with white boots and messing around in the bathroom. Come on into my site and see me spreaded legged like the dirty slut I am on my toilet - deep fingering myself - I love doing the bent over pics so you get a great view of my arse!!

Kisses Ruby xx

68 images

Edition #02

Ruby Plays With Her Toy

Hi Folks In this set of pics I'm wearing a sexy French Basque with matching knickers and hold up stockings. Join my site and see how good I am at self finger play - I wish I had your tool to shove inside me!!

Kisses Ruby xx

93 images

Edition #01

Raunchy Ruby's First Set

Hi Folks I've been soooooooo looking forward to joining the wives club and have been getting very wet thinking about it. Here is my 1st set of pics, I'm wearing my red top and Black dress - Out comes my rabbit which goes deep inside me.

Kisses Ruby xx

71 images



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