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Edition #026

Having Fun On My Webcam!

I love playing with guys on cam, watching the guys jerk off as I strip off and play with all my toys, it gets me so wet and horny.

Shelby xxx

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Edition #025

Outside Stripping Off!

I had a lot of fun taking these pics, mainly because there was a lot of people around, all of them seamed to be walking dogs! Oh and the place had lots of security cameras to dodge too! I was so fucking wet! The thrill of flashing in public is so good! I hope you enjoy the efforts :)

Shelby xxxx

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Edition #024

Out And About Flashing!

Back outdoors wohooooooo! Back ouside flashing my tits and pussy! I love it, you will see in the close up pics of my pussy here hwo turned on I get! These pics were taken in at the local river near our home, lots of guys out walking dogs so I hope I was being watched! Quite a few guys walked past so it was a quick cover up until they passed hehe My pussy was dripping wet, what a turn on standing in stockings and not much else outside! I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I had taking them!

Shelby xxx

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Edition #023

Me In My New Pink Top!

I have been so wet recently, knowing so many of you are enjoying it too! It really has my juices flowing when I think about you jerking off while looking at me! Enjoy my latest set in my new pink top, cover me in a big load of hot warm cum mmmm

Shelby xxx

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Edition #022

Flashing My Tits In The Country!

These pictures are taken outside in the countryside, from now on you are going to see a lot more pics taken outside, I love them!Wha a turn on it was too, my tits and pussy bare naked outside, I was watching for guys through the trees! Hoping that I was being watched, thinking of a guy with his pants around his ankles jerking his fat cock wtaching me, wow what a huge turn on. I lay on the blanket and fingered myself while hubby took pictures :) My pussy was so wet, oh yes its outdoor pics for me!I really hope you enjoy the pictures guys, I really had a great time getting naked in the countryside for you!

Shelby xxxx

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Edition #021

Me In Virginal White!

ME IN VIRGINAL WHITE! Here is my latest set of pictures for your jerking off pleasure :)These are me in my angelic white outfit, yeah right! More like dirty devil :)Enjoy the pictures guys, I hope you enjoy them!I really enjoyed Aly taking them, my little white panties were covered in cum, I love thinking about you looking at me and thinking what you would do to me...PLEASE

Shelby xxxx

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Edition #020

Feeling The Heat On My Tits

These pictures were taken at a friends house, right outside her back door! There were cars driving past, wonder if they got an eye full of my tits?These were taken on a warm day, the heat on my boobs felt great, really got me hot and turned on.I am starting to really enjoy flashing outside! Will be showing lots more of my pussy and boobs in public soon!

Shelby xxxx

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Edition #019

Back In Pink Again

This set is me back in the pink, outfit and pussy lolI was enjoying myself in these pictures, really fingering my pussy, you can see how wet and open I was!I hope you enjoy these pictures and cum all over me, give me your cum, cover me in it! Make me look a dirty cum slut :)

Shelby xxx

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Edition #018

Getting Hot Sitting On The Fire

Feeling hot and bothered in these pictures, as I am thinking about you looking at me or is it because I am sitting on the fire lol. Well I know its because you are looking at me! I get so fucking horny during photo shoots with hubby! We always end up fucking once we are finished :)Enjoy these pics, get hard, jerk it and cum over me, cover me in hot creamy cum, shoot it all over me :)

Shelby xxx

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Edition #017

My New Black Lingerie

A HORNY and WET welcome to my newest set of pictures :)These latest pictures are me in my new lingerie I bought at the weekend, I hope you like it!I really hope you will enjoy my pictures today, hopefully I will have you stroking your cock hard, getting it all sticky and shooting cum, covering me in cream:)

Shelby xxx

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Edition #016

Me In My Black Swinging Dress

Welcome to my latest set of pictures today :)These pictures were are me getting very horny while wearing my fav swingers dress, I love the upskirt shots here, very nice shots of my pussy :)Enjoy the pictures, I hope I have you stroking your cock hard, covering me in hot sticky cum.

Shelby xxx

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Edition #015

My New Dress

This is me in my favorite pick dress showing my pink pussy lolI get so fucking wet thinking about you guys looking at my pussy and my big juicy tits, looking and wishing you were fucking me, I really wish you would, I would love your hard cock right now!You could lick my pussy, suck my tits then fuck me and cover me in cum, fuck I am fingering myself right now thinking about it!These pics are taken in my dinning room on my serving table, its usually food getting served from it, today its me, me and my all you can eat buffet! Always open and hot :)Enjoy the pictures, hope I get you all hard and cumming :)

Shelby xxx

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Edition #014

Pretty In Pink Lingerie

I am so horny now that my website is live! I have been dripping wet, knowing that you are here with me, looking at my pictures, jerking off to them and shooting cum everywhere, god that is so hot!These pictures are me trying on my latest lingerie, I hope you like it, you can see how open my pussy is in these pictures, it really is the thought of you looking at me.The minute these pictures were taken I jumped hubby! I was so turned on :)

Shelby xxx

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Edition #013

What's Behind Your Door?

Welcome to my latest picture set. Me hiding behind the door, getting horny and fingering my pussy.I saw this red underwear and knew I had to have it for a photo set. In the store I could feel my juices running from my cunt, down between my thighs onto my legs, standing thinking about you looking at me wearing it, jerking off and covering me in sticky hot cum.I hope you are hard right now, stroking your cock, getting hot and so turned on, ready to shoot a load over me.

Shelby xxx

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Edition #012

Getting Naked In Bed

This is me getting horny in bed! Nothing unusual there then lol!I love the lingerie in this shoot! I love lingerie, shopping to purchase it, wearing it and undressing out of it for you too!

Shelby xxx

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Edition #011

Shelby Showing Her Pink Bits

These pictures are me getting pretty fucking horny as usual :) I end up with my vibrator fucking my cunt, wishing as normal I had a cock to suck!I hope that you enjoy these pictures of me showing my pink bits and get your cock rock hard :)

Shelby xxx

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Edition #010

My Little Black Dress

I really enjoy taking these pictures, I get so horny and fucking wet! My pussy is really dripping wet when hubby is snapping away. Hubby gets so turned on too, he is actually jerking off when he is taking the pics, and the second the camera is put down we are at it like bunnies in heat!This is a set of me in my little black dress, I got so carried away, fingering my wet cunt while thinking of you looking at me and playing with your cock, it really turns me on knowing you are looking at me and wishing you were pushing your fat hard cock into my mouth or fucking me hard, so hot!I will let you enjoy the pictures now, spank your monkey hard for me, just watch the keyboard :)

Shelby xxx

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Edition #009

Shelby Gets Laid...Again!

This set is me meeting up with another horny member for a meet and fuck session ;)The guy is John and he flew up from London to stay overnight just for the chance to fuck me!We enjoyed a really great afternoon and night, we enjoyed lunch, an afternoon of fucking and then a few drinks and a meal in the hotel.His tounge was heaven, really hit my spot when he was sucking my pussy.It was a pleasure to meet and a great days fucking!

Shelby xxx

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Edition #08

Cleaning Up

Its time for a nice long hot soak in the bath, oh and getting my pussy nice and smooth :)I always shave my pussy in the bath, I shave it every night so it is nice and smooth for all you guys to suck and fuck it!Join me here in the bath as I get nice and clean ready for my next load of cum!

Shelby xxx

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Edition #07

Miss Wet T-Shirt

This is my entry for this years Mrs Wives Club Wet T-Shirt contest lolI love playing in the shower :) Either with myself or with a friend or two... wanna join me?I love to lather my tits, feeling them and getting myself all horny and turned on, moving my hands down towards my pussy, fingering myself as I rub the soap in my hole.I love grabbing the shower head and rubbing it against my pussy too, feeling the jets of water against my clit :)I have even broke the shower curtain on many occasions when I have been fucking a guy in the shower, need to meet a member and get hubby to take pictures to show you!

Shelby xxx

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Edition #06

Wet Fun

This set of pictures started with me posing for the camera and ended up with me peeing! So this set is dedicated to all you guys that like to see their hot wives peeing. If you want me to pee on you, just get in touch and I will be more than happy to :)This set is indoors, but I do lo to pee outside and I will be posting a few sets showing just that!I love the feeling of pee building up until I can hold it in no longer, the relief as the pee starts to pour out, hot steamy piss. Oh yeah, the heat as I feel my panties fill up until they can hold no more and pee starts to run down between my thighs :) Shelby xxx

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Edition #05

Me And My Toy Getting Wet

This set was taken in bed of course lol I love lying on my back in bed, either with my fingers, a vibrator or especially a cock in my cunt!Hope you enjoy these ones, remember I love your suggestions for photos, so mail me yours :)

Shelby xxx

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Edition #04

Hot Sexy Shelby Getting Fruity

For these pictures I was wet, horny and fucking fruity too lol! Well what’s a girl to do when there is no cock around or my toy collection!....... why grab some fruit of course!!!! In these pictures I end up fucking myself with a banana and a cucumber, not quite a cock but hell it gives my pussy a good workout and still makes me cum! When your little slut is horny she gets fucking horny!

Shelby xx

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Edition #03

Slutty In Pink

These pictures are taken in my favorite pink lingerie, I feel so fucking horny wearing this, well I was especially horny on the day I got these pictures taken! I love getting my pictures taken, knowing that you are looking at me, hopefully with your big hard cock in your hand jerking off! I wish I could bend down in front of you and take your cock in my mouth, slowly circle your head around the inside of my mouth, playing with it with my tounge, I would slowly take you deeper inside my mouth, pushing your cock down my throat, sucking harder and harder, I would listen as you gasp, trying to hold back your cum.
You are holding my hair now pushing your cock down my throat, forcing me to swallow you whole, you bad fucking boy!

Shelby xx

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Edition #02

Your Slut In Red

These pics were taken in my favorite red dress. I bought this dress when I was at Orlando Interlude swingers convention in Florida This is a great event organised by my friends JC and Syn, its a full hotel take over at the end of every April from Thurday until Sunday. Imagine over three hundred couples all swingers, all naked for four full days and nights of hot sexy fun! So this little red dress really is a sexy little number! I wore it to one of the evening parties at Interludes, think it was on the Saturday night, I ended up getting fucked against the speakers on the dance floor in front of everyone! I have worn it to a few swingers clubs now and everyone seems to like it :) I was getting the pictures in this set taken thinking of all the times I have been fucked while wearing the dress, I really was horny and so wet.

Shelby xx

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Edition #01

My First Hot Wives Photo Set

I get so wet when I am getting pictures taken, it makes me so horny knowing that so many guys are looking at me and jerking off, shooting their hot sticky cum all over me.
I wish I could be with you and get you to shoot your cum all over my face and tits. The pictures were taken by my hubby, he takes all my pictures and yes he loves his job lol, he gets hard as a rock taking the pictures! Enjoy my first set and remember I will be posting new sets of pictures every single week for you to jerk off over!

Shelby xx

73 images

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